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 Rules of Chaotic Oblivion Codes

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PostSubject: Rules of Chaotic Oblivion Codes   Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:24 pm

Welcome to Chaotic Oblivion Codes! This here forum is for gamers of Sony and Nintendo. these are the rules. You must get acquainted with them, or else.

Regulations of the forum:

Be Respectful: Be respectful to all the members. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you do, you shouldn't have problems.

Old/Reaccuring Topics: Topics are considered old after 4 months. If you find the topic interesting and want to post in it, but it's old, make a new topic. Old topics that are resurrect will be locked. If there's an up to date topic and someone makes another topic just like it, it will be either deleted or locked.

Avatar/Signatures: The ava and sig can be of any picture, as long as it's not inappropriate. Also, don't make them too big.

ShoutBox/Chatzy: While talking on the SB, no fighting. If you want to fight, fight through PM's.

Warnings and Banning of the forum:

Breaking Regulations: If you break the regulations, and continue to, you will be warned. We'll help out with your avater and sig if needed. And we'll answer questions about threads that you want to post. We'll be happy to help. Just don't break the regulations.

Spamming: No spamming. If you spam, in the forum or the ShoutBox, you'll be warned because no one wants spam all over. If you continue to spam, you'll get a 10 minute ban. If it goes overboard, we could ban you for either months or give you a permenent ban. We consider spam as unwanted posts. If you continue to put something like "..." over and over again, or post something off topic, that would be spam. Don't do it.

Harassing and Flaming Other Members: Be nice. If there's harassing or flaming of any kind, staff will deal with it immediatly. We don't want any fighting going on. We will warn you, and if it gets too out of hand, we're ready to ban. Flaming a member because of opinion will not be tolerated. Everyone will not have the same opinion as you.

Plagiarism: People work hard on their fan fiction, avatars, signatures, etc. Don't take it and get credit for it.

Pornagraphy: Linking to pornagraphy or any other inappropriate sites is not acceptable. You'll get a permanent ban.

Sexist, Racist, Etc: These posts will not be acceptable. You'll be banned permanently.

Messing With Mod Edits: The moderators are here for a reason. If you mess around with an edit that one of them posted, you will have an instant warning.

Language: We would appriciate it if you speaked English, and that you watch your mouth. We don't want language here. We will not allow it to be censored out like "F***" or "@$$" so don't do it. That will get you a warning, and if it becomes a problem, a ban.

Those are the rules. Make sure you follow them. If you do, everything will be ok and the forum will be a happy place. Thank you.
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Rules of Chaotic Oblivion Codes
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